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Hard to pick our favourites, but here we go...


A scene from Legally High, as Harriet takes drugs for the first time
Connor goes behind the scenes at VOMO tv

VOMO (Voice Of My Own) helps young Scots to make films and TV shows about things that matter to you. If you live in the Scottish Borders you can make awesome movies and even star on your own TV show. Some young VOMO filmmakers have won international awards - but it's more for the lolz!

Click here to find out how to join in...

Comedy is a VOMO speciality - click here to enjoy comedy gold
Link to VOMO's award winning short film archive
The page for VOMO news reports
Painting, sculpture, creative arts - click here to let VOMO's young talent show you what's on
Original music from rock guitar to traditional fiddles
A mysterious talent show in the Scottish Borders triggers a wave of musical performance
What VOMO (Voice Of My Own) can do for young Scots in the Borders
Who we are
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