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Some shots of how VOMO shoots its TV programmes, featuring Natasha doing the weather and Liam Whelan on the Tricaster vision mixer


We're totally dead excited because we're now shooting a news programme every Friday. We have stories on things you'll be interested in, What's On, and reports made by young people during the week - even a weather forecast (although most forecasts are largely fiction as you know...)


And you can come along and present or be a reporter.


We film the presenters in front of a green screen. Then we add the weather maps and a vast expensive-looking studio with the box of wires which Liam is operating in the bottom picture. What fun!


recently we filmed the Queen opening the new Borders railway at Tweedbank. The team were there to catch the atmosphere - and even capture an exclusive word from First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. And we also had cameras in Edinburgh and at various points along the route to film the Union Of South Africa - the classic steam locomotive which pulled the train from Edinburgh.

Making the news at VOMO
Zoë Daniels interviews Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon
Dawn Berry (with flag) Zoë Daniels, Flynn Fraser and David Chipakupaku at the opening of the new Borders railway

Dawn Berry, David Chipakupaku, Flynn Fraser and Zoë Daniel at Tweedbank to film the Queen at the opening of the new Scottish Borders Railway.

This week's recipe

 Scotch Beef Sirloin Steak with Bernaise Sauce  


 Serves 2 - 4                                                                                             

 Prep time: 20 minutes                                                                                  


 Cooking time: 15 minutes                                                                               



 •    2 medium to thick cut Scotch Beef Sirloin Steaks (or Steak of your preference)                      

 •    1 tablespoon vegetable oil (I use rapeseed)                                                         

 •    2 tablespoons white wine vinegar                                                                    


 •    4 tablespoons white wine                                                                            

 •    1 tablespoons water                                                                                 

 •    1 Shallot (very finely chopped)                                                                     

 •    2 tablespoons of fresh Tarragon leaves picked, stalks saved (finely chopped)                        

 •    2 large free range egg yolks                                                                        

 •    150g Butter (chilled and cut into small cubes)                                                      

 •    Juice of M2 lemon juice                                                                             


 •    2 black peppercorns                                                                                 

 •    Salt & pepper to taste                                                                              

 •    Bag of watercress                                                                                   




1.    Remove the steak from the fridge and let it come up to room temperature.                            

2.    Begin the sauce by combining the vinegar, water shallots, black pepper, and the tarragon            

stalks in a small saucepan.                                                                               

3.    Cook over medium heat until reduced to 1 tablespoon which will take 5 to 10 minutes. Once           

reduced sieve through a fine sieve and return to the pan. Place to one side.                              

4.    Place a griddle pan onto a high heat until it is very hot.                                          

5.    Rub the oil onto both sides of the steak and sprinkle some salt and pepper over both sides of        

the meat.                                             

6.    Place the steak into the griddle pan (you want to hear a nice sizzle when the steak hits the    

pan, which tells you it’s hot enough).                                                                

7.    Let the steak cook for around 3 minutes on the first side - you want a nice brown colour on the 

outside. Then turn it over and let it cook for 3-5 minutes on the other side. Do the pressure test    

to see how well cooked it is. If you are using a meat thermometer then the temps you are              

looking for are: (medium rare c.55 degrees Celsius, medium c.60 degrees, well done c. 70              

degrees celsius). Let the meat rest for at least 5 minutes loosely covered with tin foil.             

8.    While the meat is resting, finish off the bernaise sauce. Add the egg yolks and 1 tablespoon of 

water to the reduced mixture. Whisk until thick and pale, about 2 minutes. Set pan over               

moderately low heat and continue to whisk taking care to reach all over the insides of pan.           

9.    As they cook, the eggs will become frothy and increase in volume, then thicken. When the        

bottom of the pan is visible in the streaks left by the whisk and the eggs are thick and smooth,      

remove from heat.                                                                                     

10.    Add the softened butter, in small pieces to start with whisking constantly. As the emulsion    

forms, add butter in slightly larger amounts whisking until fully absorbed.                           

11.    Season with salt, finely chopped tarragon and a squeeze of lemon.                              

12.    Serve with the sirloin steak and lightly dressed watercress.   

Now don't you think it would be cool to get your videos on VOMO tv?


(Maybe you'll get a Go Pro for Xmas and plan to gaffer tape it to the hamster...


(Only kidding - we at VOMO would never condone cruelty to Go Pros.)


Anyway, here's a video with some advice on what to do. And if you upload your stuff give us a shout through the contact page of this website and we might stick it in the news programme...

A really busy week...
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