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Nameless So Far

Jack Hinks

A superb instrumental on acoustic guitar by Jack Hinks - called 'Nameless So Far'. (We'll keep you posted if we ever get an update on that...) Recorded at the Indigo Sessions in Galashiels.

Yo Yo

Erin Highton

I am (Am I)

This Wooden Idea


Erin Highton

The Ming

Shaun Stewart

Take The Shine

Somatic Fusion

No Goodbyes

Somatic Fusion

Somatic Fusion recorded at the first of VOMO tv's music sessions at the Indigo Rooms in Galashiels. So do you play an instrument? Or are you in a band? If you'd like a professional recording, film of a gig or a promo shot, then why not give us a shout? You can leave a message on our contacts page.


Jack Hinks


Filmmaker - Robert Sproul-Cran in Selkirk

Two girls run away from home to see their idol at a rock concert. But getting there may be harder than they bargained for - until the music comes to them!


In the meantime here's a film with some music composed by the young actors.

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