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The VOMO team show how the weather map replaces the green screen in the first ever VOMO tv news

If you're a young person in the Scottish Borders, then this is your TV channel. There are all sorts of ways you could get involved. Maybe you'd like to present the news or read the weather.


You might want to send in reports from where you live. Maybe you've made a skateboard video or shot some random stuff on your phone. Or you might be in a band. If you perform your own material then we can do a quality recording and shoot a promo. And if it's any good, then we'll put it in the programme!


If you prefer being behind the camera, then you might like to do camera or sound or editing or vision mixing or directing.


Whatever it is you want to try - just Click Here and send us an email. Or just drop in upstairs at the Volunteer Hall in Gala to check out what's happening.


VOMO TV is your station!

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