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Many of VOMO's young filmmakers have benefitted in a number of ways from their experience.

Here are some of their comments:


  • "I discovered a lot about myself. I was able to do things that I never thought I could do. Leaving the house is sometimes quite hard for me but on this project I as able to get out and about but more importantly I was able to enjoy myself." (Young Person)


  • “I feel more in control of what I do now. I’ve gained more pride in what I do, seeing myself doing this kind of work and looking back at what I’ve done makes me feel very amazed at myself. I feel I’ve achieved more than I thought I could and that I can achieve more.” (Young Person)


  • “It was an experience like no other I have ever had. I was able to discover things about myself such as confidence in front of the camera and speaking on the phone. It was great doing a lot more socialising too.” (Young Person)


  • “VOMO has helped my confidence and will help me in the future as a result of working on this project. It’s given me a purpose each day working with VOMO  which has made me a happier more confident person.” (Young Person)


  • “My parents have said how my time management skills have improved thanks to this project as I now check my bag the night before and choose what clothes I wear for the next day. Also I have to plan my travel.” (Young Person)


  • “I think VOMO has helped me get organised for college by independent working and having to be organised and be prepared to change plans at any time.” Young Person)


  • “The project is all about giving young people a chance do something different and incredible. It also provides skills and is a great learning experience to not only learn about film making but also to learn a bit about yourself.” (Young Person)


  • “I have gained more support, more contacts and knowledge of the film world and I have gained many skills in team work.” (Young Person)


  • “I want to go into a similar area of career and it would be so useful for me to have on my CV and to use these skills in the future.” (Young Person)


  • “The main benefit has been his newly found confidence in his own abilities. As part of his HNC he has to build a website for a client. He has arranged meetings with his client, prepared questions and is designing the website specification. I doubt he would have managed all of this to the same degree without his VOMO experience.” - (Parent)


  • “We thought the way you celebrated the work of the young people, both with the media publicity and at the film premiere night was brilliant, and it was our pleasure to be able to join you on that evening. I would say without a doubt that his time on the project has had a direct influence on his motivation and direction for the immediate future, and we are sincerely grateful for this.” (Parent)


  • “I was a very proud mum at the Film Festival. Watching the film, seeing him on the stage, filming and interviewing people. His school experience was very negative and it’s been wonderful to see the change in him when experiencing a ‘can do’ environment.” (Parent)


  • “In conversation with the local secondary school, it became apparent that some of the young people involved in the filmmaking (who had previously been non- engaged within a classroom environment) became more focussed within classes at school, therefore, began to achieve more within the school environment.” – (Youth worker)

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